Let's Grow Together

Zero-G Beds have been successfully running the medical business since 2003 and since then, we have been receiving high appreciation from all our customers and clients for our products and services. After understanding the health benefits of one of our product, hospital beds, had to offer, and after researching and observing the trend worldwide of adjustable / recliner beds making their way in homes for lifestyle benefits, we launched our very own range of luxurious Zero-G Recliner Beds which are fully mobile / wireless remote controlled.

We plan to create our own niche by expanding and introducing our Zero-G Recliner Beds into the lifestyle space. We have a strong desire to reach each and every home, hotel and resort and let people make most of this amazing product. Since this product has numerous health and lifestyle benefits, we are absolutely confident that in no time this product is going to become an absolute necessity. As people are becoming more aware and have started to keep their health as top priority, very soon this product will be a must have, and the demand for this product will only keep on increasing with each passing day.

We have our HQ in Mumbai, Malad, India. Apart from that we have two franchises in India. One in Baroda, Gujarat and the other one in Guwahati, Assam, and the response is ofcourse, overwhelming. Since we have a strong desire to expand our franchises extensively, along with India we would be delighted and absolutely look forward to having our presence internationally as well.

We have very carefully and thoughtfully designed our Zero-G Beds showroom. Right from the logo placement, colours of the wall, to the beds, the ceiling, the display TV, wall frames, side tables, lights etc have all been planned keeping the brand and its expansion in mind. No matter which showroom of ZeroG Beds in the world a customer enters, he will be welcomed with the same design and ambience. This will ensure that our brand builds credibility and recognition. The initial investment to design the showrooms interior and display models (one single and one double bed, a must) will range from INR 3 Lakhs - INR 5 Lakhs only/-. And the minimum space required for the showroom is 500 sq. feet


No franchisee fee or security deposit

Zero-G Beds for senior citizens and for medical usage is already well established in India

The concept is copyrighted under the intellectual property act, so there is hardly any risk for competition

Zero-G Beds


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