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Interior Designers and Architects are always in demand, because it’s you who make an incredible difference in the way people chose to design their living spaces. But with the fast changing world and trends, the need to do something different, is becoming an absolute necessity to get an edge. And that’s exactly what we offer! When our amazing technology will meet your exquisite designs, we can create a magical experience, with Zero-G Recliner Beds. Yes! A bed, with 0o to 90o degree head elevations and 0o to 45o degree feet inclinations, which is fully mobile or wireless remote controlled gives the optimum comfortable experience. Be it to watch TV, read, work on the laptop, or to simply snack, the recliners makes sure that one gets the perfect and most comfortable posture for all lifestyle activities by adjusting the bed just with the touch of a button. Everyone from working professionals to house wives, from teenagers to senior citizens or even pregnant moms, everyone can benefit from these recliner beds in unimaginable ways.

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We have our own range of bed exterior designs or we can simply design a new bed for you, of your choice. But since you are the experts, we offer you the option of converting your bed designs or any exisiting bed into a recliner mobile or wireless remote controlled bed. Our conversion kit option simply allows to change the base of any bed into a recliner bed base, on which the same health and lifestyle benefits can be enjoyed without any compromise.

We all know how technology in every sector has made a huge difference to our daily lives and how it has completely redefined our lifestyle for the better. So, now it about time that we should upgrade every bed, be it at homes, hotels or resorts with the latest recliner mobile controlled technology, and make a difference to people’s lives.

Zero Gravity Experience

On this bed, one can also experience the unique Zero Gravity Position of sleeping which puts the body In the state of weightlessness. Zero Gravity position was invented by NASA for astronauts who recline into this position to equalise the body pressure during rapid changes in gravitational force, while taking off into space. This position adjust your legs to a level higher than your heart and will also elevate the head at an angle that will essentially saves your body from the pressure of its own weight by evenly distributing it. Hence lying down in this position helps to relax many parts of the body and can relieve people from back, leg, muscle and neck pains. Therefore, it can improve the quality of sleep in several ways and can help a person to wake up feeling more happy, refreshed and relaxed, making it a must have luxury product in every home, hotel or resorts!

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